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Dylan Menzies wins the Norfolk Island “Gift” 2022

Dylan Menzies speed was on show at the annual Athletics Norfolk Island Gift on Saturday 10 December 2022, as he blitzed the field in the Gas Centre 100 metres.  


Athletics Norfolk Island hosted the annual Norfolk Island Gift on Saturday 10 December 2022 at the Malcolm Champion Oval with $2500 in prizes being distributed to the entrants over the three events. The Gift events are age and gender factored, with calculated handicap starts to allow for the mixed gender and age races.


The champion of the 2022 Middlegate Mile was awarded to a young athlete who showed strength and determination beyond his years. Gregory Shannon ran a strong mile to convincingly take out the championship event with a convincing performance that other athletes in the event could not match.


The World Traders 400m was again awarded to the talented Ava Mullins, who’s strength and athletic ability was always going to guarantee her a podium finish.


The Gas Centre 100m Champion for 2022 was awarded to Dylan Menzies, who gets his name scribed on the trophy once again. Dylan also clocked the fastest time of the three heats, showing that his speed and ability continue to out-class the other athletes.



1ST   Dylan Menzies

2nd   Ava Mullins

3rd   Jaylon Williams

4th   Nathanial Kalsrap

5th   Zeta Menzies

6th   Kingston Menzies

7th   Douglas Donaldson

8th   Ayla Little



1st    Ava Mullins

2nd   Trevor Fulton

3rd    Daniella Randall

4th   Zeta Menzies

5th   Koszta Deszecsar

6th   Ayla Little

7th   Gregory Shannon

8th   Ash McKellar



1st   Gregory Shannon

2nd   Trevor Fulton

3rd   Douglas Donaldson  

4th   Jack McGillycuddy

5th   Declan McKellar

6th   Elizabeth McKensey

7th   Ash McKellar

8th   Daniella Randall

Huge thanks to our sponsors who continually support this event with outstanding community commitment enabling 24 prizes to be distributed:

  • Gas Centre

  • Foodland

  • World Traders

  • Christian Bailey Agencies

  • Maxs

  • Baileys Restaurant

  • Governors Lodge

  • Norfolk Island Real Estate

  • Norfolk Island Building Supplies

  • Pete’s Place

  • The Olive Café

  • P&R Groceries

  • Paw Paw’s Pump Shed

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