Melanesian Championships

Vanuatu 2018

Charlie Carr


Regional Championships Suva, Fiji 2017

Charlie Carr and Tayanita Robertson


Melanesian Championships Suva, Fiji 2016

Brianna Stephens


Pacific Games

Papua New Guinea 2015

Brianna Stephens


Regional Championships Cairns, Queensland 2015

Brianna Stephens


Melanesian Championships Rarotonga, Cook Islands 2014

Brianna Stephens


Mini Pacific Games

Wallis & Futuna 2013

Brianna Stephens


Regional Championships Papeete, Tahiti 2013

Brianna Stephens


Regional championships

apia, samoa 2011

Athletics Norfolk Island was pleased to be able to compete in the ‘Oceania Regional Championships’ in Apia, Samoa 21-23 June 2011. 

Travelling from Norfolk via New Zealand, the small team of only two, consisted of athlete- Daniel (Pickles) Griffiths; and coach -Tim Rogers. Daniel competed in the high jump event on day 1 of the competition alongside athletes from 22 federations from throughout the Pacific.    

Athletics Norfolk Island was pleased to be able to offer this opportunity to Daniel, allowing him to compete in his first major competition off-Island.

Regional Championships CAIRNS, AUSTRALIA 2010

Norfolk Island was pleased to represent at the Oceania Athletics in Cairns. Sam Taylor and Michael Griffiths worked hard by showing some great results in the final weeks of their training.

Both Michael (19 years) and Sam (16 years) competed in the Under 20's division in the Javelin and High jump events. In the final weeks of training both boys showed real improvements in their confidence and their ability. Though one of the smallest teams competing in the Championships (along with America Samoa), the boys presented some great results.

Accompanying Sam and Michael was Tim Rogers, Coach and Team Manager. Tim coached a range of school children to try and increase athletics on the Island which has been a great success.