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Around the Island Relay... 2022

Sunday, 6th November 2022 saw another impressive line-up of athletes and supporters for the running of the 2022 Around Island Relay. Gallows Gate was appropriately gloomy and windy for the 6am sunrise start of the walking athletes; and the 7:15am staggered start for the running teams and individuals.


The winner of the Individual Running category was presented to Trevor Fulton who showed the quality of his athleticism, winning with a time of 2:18:21. Trevor’s individual race was run with the confidence of an athlete displaying a high level of fitness from years of training for these gruelling distances. Ash McKellar was second over the line with an impressive performance after starting the race 7:08mins behind Trevor once the age handicaps were applied. Ash ran a slightly quicker course than Trevor, albeit on younger legs. In third place was another quality athlete, who ran the fastest Individual time this year (without the age handicap delayed start applied) – Congratulations to Douglas Donaldson, who consistently starts the race well behind the pack in his current age category. Rach Beaden was next over the line in fourth place, displaying her humbled ability with a great first-time performance that included a wrong turn adding unwanted meters and hills to the already brutal course. Cribby crossed the line in fifth place with an inspirational 25K run following a period of limited training. Cribby’s base fitness and mental focus was enough to see him gallantly complete another race as an individual runner to add to his impressive tally.

Malcolm Steppens’s age defying finish of the race was witnessed with awe by the gathering at Gallows Gate upon Malcolm’s return after his strong lap of the Island as a first-time entrant. Special mention to Alexey Mukhin who also entered the relay for the first time and gave the course a workout to match his athletic stature.  


The winner of the Individual Walk category was earnt by the Islands much endeared, Jenny Donaldson. Jenny’s relentless training has again proven to be effective with another win as reigning Champion from 2021. Second place was awarded to Kathryn Stockwin, who’s strong performance was evident with the fastest individual walking time this year before the handicaps were applied. In third place was Nigel Greenup with a very quick 3:47:42 lap of the Island. Nigel’s powerful finish had him across the finish line only 5:17mins behind this year’s fastest time of Kathryn’s. Also walking a quick individual full lap was Sharyn Menzies in fourth position and Pam Armstrong in fifth. 


The running team event was ably taken out by Emma Wright and Trevor Fulton (Emma ran the last 2 legs of the relay as part of the 2-person team). In second place was Team McQueen; these young athletes patiently waited 17:58mins before starting the race behind the first starter but still managed to string together a series of well-run segments. In third place was the courageous young team of Jemma Watson, Ciara McGillycuddy, Jack McGillycuddy, Matilda Smith, Astrid Susilovic and Saedy Bradshaw. This team of young stars put in a massive effort to take out third place, running on tiny legs through the consistently challenging terrain. Well done to this team of talented young athletes who embarked on the daunting course for the first time – future Champions indeed and we look forward to seeing them next year. Special mention to Jessica Scott and Alice Rogers who shared the course as a team of two and completed the course with a very respectable 3:03:02.

The walking team’s category was won by Kath Bowman, Laurinda Schloss, Jane Trotter and Sheryl Yelavich who successfully completed the course in 3.46:49. In second place was our regular team from ‘Up ah stik’ Howard Martin, Jenny Donaldson, James Donaldson. Special mention to our best dressed team of Jesse Schiller, Arden Schiller, Allie Nance, Montana Hewlett and Phil Reid who walked the second fastest team course this year before the time handicaps were applied.


A huge thankyou to the volunteers who kept the athletes watered, safe and ultimately fed throughout the 25k course – Jenny Gow, Rachel Nebauer and Taleyah Jones - Athletics Norfolk Island is truly indebted to these volunteers.

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