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Richard Cribb wins

Around the Island Relay... Again!!  2018

Another gutsy performance from Richard Cribb delivered him a great win in the 2018 Around the Island Relay, despite carrying a niggling knee injury. His time of 2 hours 29 minutes for the 25 km course was around 15 minutes slower than his winning effort in 2017 but, as they say,“ a win is a win” and his prize of a $150 voucher from World Traders will ensure he is well shod for next years event.


 Sunday the 4th of November witnessed another impressive line up of athletes and supporters for the running of the 2018 Around the Island Relay. With almost 80 competitors, this year saw a preference for the walking challenge with record numbers of individual (14) and walks teams (6).

With a mass start at 5.00 am the walking field began the haul out of Kingston and up the steep climb of Fletcher Christian Road and then towards the school gates at the top of Cascade Road. From the start the duo of father and son, Ben and Harrison Hayes, quickly established a cracking pace and were not to be challenged through the rest of the race. Seems Ben forgot the complication of the handicapping that meant that he had to beat Harrison by at least 6 minutes if he wanted to take the title of best individual walker. Walking side by side for the entire race the question on everyone’s lips was “When will Ben make his move to breakaway?” It was clear that Harrison was not going to let his Dad slip away and, locked in perfect step, they crossed the line together in a very quick time of 3 hours 22 minutes. Harrison taking the win on handicap with Ben in second and, last years walks winner, Jenny Donaldson picking up third place.

Other individual walkers that pushed hard all morning were Peter Glass (4th) and Samantha Quintal (5th). Toni Kelly and John Kane relished their first Around Island Relay with strong performances and the family grouping of Brett and Howard Martin, Jamie Donaldson and Jenny looked to enjoy a very leisurely Sunday morning stroll alongside Alistair Innes –Walker. Kevin Coulter looked like a challenger but faltered with only a few kilometres to go to withdraw and catch the closest Uber back to Kingston. Final walker in was Coralie Reakes who clearly enjoyed the challenge of the walk and soaked up the magnificent scenery and environment of this unique event.

The walks teams also battled the relay course but the pre-race favourites of Tania Anderson, Colin Johnson, Kissard and Sue Buffett, Kurt Menghetti and Levina Buffett were out to impress after members of the team had been seen training for some weeks before the race. With slick relay changes at each of the water stations they extended their lead and finished strongly to win the teams event by almost 20 minutes from the fully equipped Cadets team of Harrison Hayes, Maycee Deszecsar, Ben Elliott, Flynn McCowan, Kyran Randall and Telani Schmitz. Tim Sheridan made a rare appearance as logistical support for the Cadet team…. but making them all wear full boots was a handicap in itself! Overheard after the race it was suggested that Tim should enter next year in full military regalia and his Cadets could then provide him logistical support…and some first aid.

Special mention of the efforts of the third team across the line , “The Girls”, made up of young ladies all 13 and under who finished in a very respectable time of just over 4 hours. Excited to pick up vouchers from P&R Groceries as their prizes the team members of Matilda Hayes, Emma Kalangis, Zoe Cribb, Siena Menghetti, Teio Shone and Maisy Merriment are set to challenge the best in 2019. Well done to them and all our walkers on a great effort.


The Runners began at 6.15 am starting in the traditional fashion according to their respective handicaps. Based on age and gender the handicaps are calculated to give everyone a similar chance to win. With just 3 athletes willing to tackle the entire course this year, Neville Laing, Richard Cribb and Paul Browne and a spread of handicaps spanning almost 30 minutes across the 3 athletes it looked like Richard might be challenged for his existing title. “Cribby“ quickly established a healthy lead and at the first water station at the school he looked super relaxed. Paul Browne was chasing strongly with Neville quietly in pursuit. Unfortunately he gave up the chase near Puppies Point and like Kev before him, caught a ride the remainder of the way to join his colleagues at Kingston. A great effort from our most senior competitor at 72 years of age. Paul Browne crossed to take second place and pick up a $100 voucher from Foodlands for his efforts.

The six running teams started with a handicap spread of 20 minutes that meant that the younger teams had others in front to chase down. Last years winning team, “The Boys” started in last spot but TK Morgan, as the lead runner, soon started to close the gap on the pack in front. With relay changes at each water station around the course TK’s team of Jedd Gardner, Nathanial Kalsrap, Jonny Sheridan, Saxon Snell and BB Morgan caught and passed all other teams but one, The Mixed Team, who narrowly crossed the line less than one minute ahead. However, due to some athlete substitutions in the Mixed Team after the start, the handicap for them was revised down by 3 minutes that gave “The Boys” the title for the second year running, covering the course in 2 hours and 17 minutes and the prize of 6 x $40 vouchers from Pete’s Place and Norfolk Island Building Supplies.

Second place went to the “Mixed” team of Max Warren, Kai Evans, Tahlia Evans, Will Elliott, Tim Pulsford and Luke Howlett and their prize of $180 of Foodland vouchers. With the fastest actual time of the day of 2 hours and 14 minutes, only 6 seconds faster than “the Vets”, they were relegated into second due also to handicap.

Third placed team “The Vets” made up of just two team members, Candice Nobbs and Eric Hutchinson, running three relay legs each, made solid early headway and looked to challenge for this years team title. Candice handed over to Eric at Captain Cook memorial water station but younger legs had already taken the lead positions. Chasing hard he held on to help his team into third spot and to pick up a $120 of vouchers from the Olive Café.

The relay really demonstrates that anyone can participate and enjoy the challenge. Our most senior competitor took on the task as an individual runner and our most junior competitors, the team of Timi Snell, Keeley Brown, Misha Ryabsev, Vinnie Martinovich, Tyla Schmitz and Sophie Pulsford with an average age of only 9 years of age took to the course with great enthusiasm and supported each other from start to finish, crossing the line as the 5th placed team overall and to the rousing applause of all present. An outstanding performance "

At the completion of the event all competitors and supporters were treated to a “Speeds” sausage sizzle and refreshments before the prize giving. Brentt Jones, President of Athletics Norfolk Island, presented the prizes to our winners.

The Norfolk Island Heart Foundation also provided a presentation to encourage people to get walking to improve their health and wellbeing, with registration forms available and a range of free giveaways to those in attendance.

 Thanks to all our competitors for a great Sunday outing and we look forward to welcoming everyone back for the running of the Around the Island Relay in November 2019. As always grateful thanks to Brentt Jones, Tim Rogers, Rose Evans, Pauline and Geoff Gardner and all those who offered assistance with water stations, cooking and other duties.

Thanks also to our wonderful sponsors, Athletics Norfolk Island, World Traders, Pete’s Place, Norfolk island Building Supplies, Foodland, the Gas Centre, Travel World, Pawpaw’s Pumpshed, Maxs Department Store, Cascade Motors, P&R Groceries and the Olive Café for the great range of prizes and for covering the costs of the sausage sizzle and refreshments. This support continues to assist in providing free entry to this event for which we are grateful.

A reminder that the next event will be the “Norfolk Island Gift” which will be run on Saturday the 9th February 2019. With over $2000 in prizes the “Gift” is a series of running events including the 100 metres, 400 metres and the mile. Again, all events are age and gender factored to provide everyone with an equal opportunity to win. Competition and entry details will be provided early in the New Year.

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