Oceania Masters Athletics 2021


Norfolk Island has taken proactive measures to mitigate the potential impact of the COVID-19 with closure of the Norfolk Island border on 17 March 2020 and so far the island remains virus free. Athletics Norfolk Island’s commitment is to protect the health and safety of athletes as well as the local community.

Currently the local organising committee feel confident that the OMA2021 event will be able to proceed as planned during the advertised dates 18-22 Jan 2021. The committee will continue to closely monitor the world’s situation in regards to the virus and any regulations imposed for events during the proposed dates. For regular updates please check the OMA2021 website page or follow the OMA2021 Facebook page.

Oceania Masters Athletics Championships

18 - 22 January 2021



Norfolk Island are delighted to welcome visitors to the 2021 Oceania Masters Athletics Championships.

During your Norfolk Island visit we encourage you to rejuvenate yourselves as you relax in our natural environment, explore our history, and enjoy the many unique experiences that our Pacific paradise has to offer. 


Norfolk Island has 360 degrees of wonder... and you will wonder why you didn't visit sooner!


Registration will be open from 2 March 2020 to 20 November 2020.


How do we get there?

Norfolk Island is located between Australia and New Zealand.

With direct flights from Brisbane, Sydney and Auckland, you will land on our island in just over 2 hours.

There is a huge range of accommodation options, so Norfolk Island has something that will suit everyone.
Most accommodations include a hire car so you will have the freedom to explore the Island at your own pace.

It is highly recommended that all visitors obtain travel insurance when securing their travel arrangements.

For the best possible deal when travelling to Norfolk Island, we recommend booking a package through Norfolk Island Travel Centre. 
Not only will they provide you with an all-inclusive package, but they will personally meet and greet you at the airport on your arrival. 
Visit their website for more details www.norfolkislandtravelcentre.com .


Explore the many activities on offer, or for more information about Norfolk Island, visit the destination website www.norfolkisland.com.au

Championships Venue

Track and field events will be held on the Malcolm Champion Oval which is one of the best grass tracks you will ever experience! 

The distance runs and road walks will weave through the World Heritage Listed site of Kingston.

Local Organising Committee

For any enquiries regarding the 2021 Oceania Masters Athletics Championships, please contact the Local Organising Committee.

Email: 2021oma@athleticsnorfolkisland.com

Important Competition Information

A concise document with important competition information:

Eligibility / Uniforms / Age Groups / Throw Implements / Steeplechase / Hurdles / Records

Link to pdf document

Event Guide

A compact guide to basic information about the OMA 2021 Event and host destination.

Link to pdf document

OMA Championships Program

The following programme of events has been established by the OMA Council and are the CONFIRMED events for the 2021 event.


60 Metre Sprint M30+

100 Metre Sprint M30+

200 Metre Sprint M30+

400 Metre Sprint M30+

800 Metre Run M30+

1500 Metre Run M30+

5000 Metre Run M30+

80 Metre Hurdles M70+

100 Metre Hurdles M50-69

110 Metre Hurdles M30-49

200 Metre Hurdles M80+

300 Metre Hurdles M60-79

400 Metre Hurdles M30-59

1500 Metre Track Walk M30+

5000 Metre Track Walk M30+

4×100 Metre Relay

Medley Relay (800m, 200m, 200m, 400m)

Long Jump M30+

Triple Jump M30+

High Jump M30+

Shot Put M30+

Discus M30+

Javelin M30+

Hammer M30+

Weight Throw M30+

Throws Pentathlon M30+ Order of Events (HT, SP, DT, JT, WT)

Pentathlon M30+ Order of Events (LJ, JT, 200m, DT, 1500m)

Half Marathon M30+

10km Road Run M30+

10km Road Walk M30+

8km Cross Country M30-69

6km Cross Country M70+

2000 Metre Steeplechase M60+

3000 Metre Steeplechase M30-59


60 Metre Sprint W30+

100 Metre Sprint W30+

200 Metre Sprint W30+

400 Metre Sprint W30+

800 Metre Run W30+

1500 Metre Run W30+

5000 Metre Run W30+

80 Metre Hurdles W40+

100 Metre Hurdles W30+

200 Metre Hurdles W70

300 Metre Hurdles W50-69

400 Metre Hurdles W30-49

1500 Metre Track Walk W30+

5000 Metre Track Walk W30+

100 Metre Relay

Medley Relay (800m, 200m, 200m, 400m)

Long Jump W30+

Triple Jump W30+

High Jump W30+

Shot Put W30+

Discus W30+

Javelin W30+

Hammer W30+

Weight Throw W30+

Throws Pentathlon W30+ Order of Events (HT, SP, DT, JT, WT)

Pentathlon W30+ Order of Events (100, SP, LJ, JT, 800m)

Half Marathon W30+

10km Road Run W30+

10km Road Walk W30+

8km Cross Country W30-69

6km Cross Country W70+

2000 Metre Steeplechase W30+

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